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"Flying" - Performance Stems

Flying-NotationCover- copy_Flying-PianoVocalCover.jpg
Flying-NotationCover- copy_Flying-PianoVocalCover.jpg

"Flying" - Performance Stems


Audio stems for the song "Flying" for use in a live performance setting. See product description for more information.

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If you want to perform "Flying" live, but perhaps don't have access to a full orchestra, this is your solution. The audio stems (sometimes referred to as "tracks") are exported directly from Cody's album session. Click tracks and cue files are also included. All you need to do is line up the files in your DAW of choice and press play.

These files are strictly for use in live performance and cannot be used in any recorded format whatsoever. Included files:

  • Flying-Orch.wav
  • Flying-Piano.wav
  • Flying-Perc.wav
  • Flying-Synth1.wav
  • Flying-Synth2.wav
  • Two separate click tracks
  • Cue track