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Come Back Now

A lot of people ask me why "Come Back Now" sounds like it was recorded on an cell phone. Well, here's an explanation:

It was important to me to have one song on the album where I couldn't hide behind production, mixing, or Auto Tune. While I think all of those elements are awesome and totally acceptable, I also wanted my listeners to be able to honestly experience what I sound like—no frills, no gimmicks.

So we set up a microphone in my living room and I sat down and played the song. What you hear is a one-take recording with no editing or overdubs. The only thing we added was the simple piano solo.

Is the recording imperfect? Absolutely. Is it a little bit shaky in a few spots? Yes (dang it). Do I wish I sounded a little better? Gosh yes (dang it again). But the bottom line is that it's honest. It's just me and you in my living room.

My living room, where "Come Back Now" was recorded. 

My living room, where "Come Back Now" was recorded.