Cody Fry

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What It's Like to be Eliminated from American Idol

Imagine being fired from your job. Now imagine being fired from your job but there are dozens of high-definition cameras filming your every expression and your family is waiting outside to find out whether you’ve been fired or not.

There is nothing pleasant about being told you’re “not good enough,” especially on television. As much as I wish that I could be that cool guy who doesn’t care about American Idol, the truth is, getting cut definitely stung.

But this is not the first time I’ve been told “no,” and I’m sure it will not be the last.

I don’t take this “no” personally, nor do I see it as a verdict against my artistry. American Idol is a reality television show, and for whatever reason, I wasn’t what they were looking for. Maybe my performances weren’t good enough. Or maybe they already have a blonde guy with a more interesting story. 

The music industry is filled with incredible artists who probably would never make it on American Idol, The Voice, or any other talent show. It would have been amazing to continue on the show and I was bummed to have been eliminated, but that was just how it went! For whatever reason, the story of my life does not involve being the next winner of American Idol.

I am proud of the performances I gave on American Idol. I learned more than I ever thought I would, and the support from all of you has been overwhelming and so encouraging. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching me as much as I’ve enjoyed playing for you.

PS - If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to as an artist pre-Idol, check out Live Captured Recordings.